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Disconnect to Reconnect  |  yoga + soulcraft


East Cape, B.C.S., Mexico  |  March 20 - 24, 2019

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Located just north of Mexico's marine park reserve at Cabo Pulmo, the stunning Inn at Rincon is a private gem nestled in the space where the Sierra de la Laguna mountains meet the Sea of Cortez. When you get off the plane at Los Cabos International, almost everyone turns left out of the airport toward Cabo... but you'll turn right. Exhale. The East Cape's tranquil beaches are an easy (a little adventurous - don't worry, we're driving you) one hour drive away.


Passion-oriented and curious women who love to get sh*t done, but have misplaced the "Pause! Where am I?!" button. Oh, and you're a (salt)water lover? Even better. This is an invitation to turn off your phone, turn on your autoresponder, and reconnect with that person who has been kicking some serious a** lately (you. it's okay if you want to blush a little. it's cute.). This retreat is limited to 12 attendees. All levels of yoga experience are welcome.


 Think yoga + soulcraft sessions + legit salt water therapy designed to 

reconnect you to you. Hello Soul retreats are a curated blend of both content and whitespace: time to engage and to disconnect, with the intent of giving you space to do you. You'll enjoy daily yoga + meditation classes, group soulcraft workshops, and 1:1 coaching, plus time to float in the pool, enjoy the ocean,  explore locally and recharge.

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If I need to explain the appeal of having four nights and five days to completely disconnect, then this retreat probably isn’t for you ;) On the other hand, if you’re like, “for the love YEEEEES, let’s do the damn thing already!” then you can skip this section and on down to registration.


If you’re feeling unsure, consider this, sister:

  • The average person (globally) checks their phone 80-150 times each day.

  • Many of us interact with screens for more than 10 hours each day.

  • Americans spend 60 hours a week on average consuming content across devices.

  • Twenty-one percent of us log on to social sites while going to the bathroom (?!)


I will get on and off this soapbox, quickly, but consider this: Technology is awesome, and it’s seriously changing the way we show up in the world, from the way we communicate with each other, to the way we gauge our happiness, to the way we even hold our bodies (imagine what you look like when you hold your phone in your lap, then imagine what shape your body would take if you were feeling sad or depressed… notice any similarities?). Our phones are closer to us, physically and psychologically, than many of the people and causes we care about. Technology is designed to keep our attention by being a soft addiction: our brain literally releases dopamine every time you get a hit on Instagram (or whatever), which, interestingly, is easier to achieve with our thumbs than asking for what we really need. Hug, anyone?


Technology aside, we’ve all had those moments where we just wanted to walk into the woods, sit on a rock, and not talk to anyone. (If that’s just me, please call me out.) Or those moments where we’ve been so plugged into the myriad of to-do’s in our daily lives that somewhere down the line you look up and think, “wait a second… where am I in all this mess?”


Finding you. Reconnecting with you. Getting out of the way of yourself, so that you can be yourself, as Brene Brown says. That is what this is about.

[Retreat Theme]


Raise your hand if you’ve recently been through a transition, or are going through one now. Okay great. So that’s just about everybody, everywhere, at any given moment.


So if transitions are so normal, why do we rush through them or avoid them like the plague?


This is funny to me: when life changes, we respond in a certain way because of the culmination of experiences (our past) that have gotten us to this moment. And yet, as people on a mission, we often pass right over “this moment” because our minds are so preoccupied on the future - our hopes, needs, dreams, aspirations. [Rachael O’Meara calls this “future trippin.”]


What happened to right now?! We skip “now” because it can be unsteady, scary, or uncomfortable (like a bad naked dream - wake up already!). It’s much easier to tell a story about where we’ve already been; or what we want in the future. But the part that connects the two together gets glanced over. Know what that part is? It’s you.


We’ve conditioned ourselves to be disconnected. And at a time when the world really needs our best selves, this is a total disservice: living in the past or in the future, or floating through life in a sea of distractions, keeps us from really owning our power. We lose our center, our awareness of who we are. We take ourselves for granted and forget to check in - is the thing we’re working toward even important still? Does that story that we’re telling ourselves about who we are even feel “true” anymore?


It’s time to reconnect to YOU. At this retreat, we’ll be playing with the theme of “in between,” as an invitation to pause, take inventory, and recalibrate all those beautiful pieces of you (maybe some that you’ve forgotten along the way) into one kickass, powerful, attuned soul. When everything else fades away - the technology, the distractions, the demands, your vices and external validators - what’s left?


You are, my dear. Time to reconnect and own it.


[a curated experience designed to take you deeper. ]

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  • 1-2 daily yoga classes, and guided meditations.

  • Daily curated group coaching sessions (soulcraft) around the main retreat themes

  • Two (2) one-on-one soulcraft sessions just for you: one during the retreat, and one after.

  • Two (2) creative expression sessions

  • Three (3) nourishing, delicious, meals a day prepared locally (a la Mexicana!).

  • Arrival fiesta on the pool patio, including margaritas (I make the margs, and they're legit!)

  • Full Moon ceremony

  • Two (non-mandatory) excursions, weather-dependent locations such as Cabo Pulmo Marine Reserve, a local waterfall, or the other a hike/dinner combo at an organic permaculture farm-to-table oasis.

  • Private pop-up by Chakra Baja, featuring locally-made wears and goods for the soul. (back by popular demand from last year!)

  • Four (4) nights and five (5) days at the lovely Inn at Rincon, our lovely hacienda right on the sandy beaches of the Sea of Cortez. The Inn is sustainably-built, runs on solar power, resides in an EMF-free zone and is fed by spring water. 

  • Unlimited use of gear, including kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. 

  • Airport transfers on Wednesday and Sunday (exact timing based on final flight times).


  • Airfare to to San Jose del Cabo / Los Cabos International (SJD)

  • Yoga Mat, and any props you might want.

  • Additional alcohol. 

  • Travelers Insurance - highly recommended.

  • Gratuity for Inn staff.



This is an intimate retreat limited to 12 individuals, with two different room + board options available depending on your personal preference.

A $500 non-refundable deposit secures your spot.

Final payments are due February 1st, or pay in full if registering after February 1st.

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King or Queen Bed | Private Bath 



Twin or Full Bed | Private Bath
[SOLD OUT]  $1,050 per person

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[testimonials from baja]

"Sara brings the right levels of emotion, intellect, silliness, fluidity and space to her Hello Soul retreats. She's a master at unraveling the years of tangles by asking the right questions and translating the sometimes convoluted answers, always pointing out the bits that are core to you. To me, the most valuable thing coming out of Baja - aside from sleeping more than 4 hours at a time and meeting a new tribe of wonderful women - was clarity around my values. I had been operating with direction, but it was a bit hazy. Now, I have the focus I need to design the life that is right for me, one that has staying power and intention. While the "what" is still unknown, the "why" is understood. And I'm a firm believer that starting with "why" results in the best designs." [Caron, California]

"My main takeaway from the retreat was how therapeutic it was to find time for yourself among new, like-minded friends in a supportive yet free-form setting. It was the perfect blend of structure and free time which for busy, schedule-oriented women is a blessing. It was so refreshing to be comfortable speaking freely and know that your thoughts, fears, worries, etc.. were safe among unpretentious, genuine friends. I encourage anyone who has hesitated to sign up for a retreat like this to reconsider. This experience was evenly balanced between personal healing, activity, alone time, great conversation, and the constant support and laughter. I will absolutely do another one in the future." [Amy, Colorado]

"I am again amazed how once you make a verbal commitment the Universe hears you and brings the opportunities to you if you are paying attention.  Since getting back from Mexico I have been going pretty non-stop being able to stay in my heart space and seeing the love in my service and the service in my love.  I am more fulfilled than frustrated and feel that blessing everyday.  What a gift from you and the amazing women you brought together! Without a limit, I might write a page on how incredible our time together was and how deeply it has impacted me!" [Judy, Montana]

"The biggest impact of the Baja retreat for me was really clarifying my values and how they interact with my decisions, fears and gremlins. It was also really impactful for me to get to spend so much time with women in the next life phase from mine (whether motherhood or not) who were willing to be so open and vulnerable about their experiences. Being let into that experience was eye-opening and has helped me clarify some of my own goals about where I go and how I hope I arrive." [Emerald, Idaho]


[Things that will make you go "mmmmm"...]

Meet Sara

[Retreat Lead]

Sara is a certified coach, facilitator and yoga instructor with a passion for the intersection of leadership development, wellness and creativity. Things to expect: a focus on flow, curiosity, and humor... with the occasional dash of science and swearing. 

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