"Dropping in" and re-finding center shouldn't have to always mean a retreat, a plane ticket, and a week off work! Hello Soul is all about giving you the tools you need to awaken in real life, which is why we are committed to uploading an expanding library of practices here... for your "wtf" moments to your "let's rock this!" moments, and all the color in between. Enjoy!


The yoga practices below are part of a livestream series that I am running as of March 2020. These are donation based classes... feel free to watch what you want and give whatever you feel is appropriate. If you'd like to sign-up for the LIVE weekly class schedule, please click below and I'll send you a weekly head's up on live yoga offerings.


In light of our local studios closing during the COVID-19 timeframe, these practices are a way for me to continue to be of service to the global Hello Soul community, and also support myself and my daughter. If you feel called to donate after taking your class, you can do so via Venmo (@Sara-Close-1) or PayPal ( 

Mindfulness Practices

Eight minutes to mindfulnessHELLO SOUL

This practice is featured in the 24 Days of Making, Doing and Being digital advent calendar, a project by Anna Brones. Follow a short mindfulness practice focused on connecting you back to your center and deeper wisdom. Optional free-writing journal practice at the end, if you want to extend the goodness!

"You were wild once. 
Don't let them tame you."

[Isadora Duncan]